The Art of ADD Video Manifesto

Presenting…. a short and sweet version of the manifesto, condensed and animated for my visual friends. I would like to give a special thanks to Aidar Algozhin for his expertise and craftsmanship in designing and producing this video. He is a wonderful and talented animator/producer to work with – find him at Elance.com or check out samatalgozhin.com.

Thank you Aidar for your work!

Thank you everyone else for watching my video. Let me known what you think!

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3 comments on “The Art of ADD Video Manifesto

  1. Fantastic video. Fantastic manifesto. Fantastic site.
    Thank you! My 13 yr old son is high functioning on the Autism Spectrum with ‘ADHD symptoms’. He is painfully aware of his ‘disability’. He is ashamed and tortured by it. He loathes it and in turn loathes himself. It breaks my heart as I try to get him to see the beauty and uniqueness that is him!!! Very few of us actually fit into the round peg our society tries to squish us into. I feel our differences are what make this world an amazing place. I think our Creator actually meant for us to embrace these unique ways as the masterpieces He intended us to be. I LOVE your phrase “we are all cogs that make the engine run”
    I am sharing your site with my son in the hopes that he will start seeing the truth from another angle. I think he’s interested cause it’s coming from another source now. When I say these things he basically thinks I’m blowing smoke…. Lol! Anyways, thank you and I look forward to the things to come!

    1. Thanks so much Duana, I hope that it can help your son see himself in a different light – that is my biggest aspiration for this blog. Any contribution I can make to help people see the beauty in their differences I will gladly throw myself into! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share your/your son’s story. These stories are as enlightening and helpful to the readers as anything I have to say!

  2. Incredible! Well written and superbly put together!! It was a little fast and I had a hard time keeping up at times, but I loved the way the words were manipulated and the message brought out through video. Kudos!!

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