9 Simple Ways This Apology Will Help Your ADHD

I am not going to post today and I apologize for that. I promised myself when I started this blog that, come hell or high water, I would post every week. But Armageddon isn’t here and neither is the deluge.

I have been working long hours and am tired from the recent move across the country. But those aren’t the reasons I’m not posting. The real reason is – I am tapped out. I have no creative spark and at this moment in time, and I’m a bit bored of writing. We all know how well we ADDers do at tasks we are bored with.

So please accept my non-post of an apology but take from it several key lessons about managing your ADHD like an artist.

1. Be authentic.

Boredom and apathy is the space that I am in right now, and I am showing it to you. No pretending.

2. Own your challenges without shame.

My challenge right now is that I have no creative thoughts or interesting insights to share. I won’t force what I haven’t got because that’s not being real. And there is no shame in owning up to what you are struggling with.

3. Act in integrity.

I could have simply not posted today. But I know there are a few people who expect me to write every Thursday. I feel responsible to those people so I confess that I can’t write today, apologize for it, and make assurances that more posts will follow.

4. Don’t make excuses.

I could have blamed my non-creativity on long hours and all the stress associated with a move but that wouldn’t be true. I could make the time to write, but I have other needs that are a bigger priority today. No excuses – just the truth.

5. Know your limitations.

I know I am tapped out at the moment. My brain is telling me it doesn’t want to think very hard just for now. I notice this in my body, my mood, and my thoughts. My body feels tense, my mood is a bit irritable and my thoughts echo “How can I do it all???” like a panicking record repeating itself. Sometimes you need to push your limits to reach your goals. Other times you need to listen to your body and live within your limits.  Today, I am listening to my needs and meeting them.

6. Change course when your path isn’t working.

Instead of posting what I had planned for today, I am writing this post (see number 7 for the back story). When the path you are on isn’t working for you – change it.

When the path you are on isn’t working for you – change it! (Click to tweet)


7. Don’t get too attached to your plans or expectations.

All week I have been tweeting about connections between people because I have been working on a post about just that. That post is only half written; I just can’t find the words to finish it right now. But the words I write now are the only ones that seem to be flowing – so I have changed directions completely. It seems to be working, even though it isn’t what I had planned for this week.

8. Be concise.

My usual style is to write 1000 words + not because I have all that much to say but because that’s how long it takes me to say anything. Sometimes less is more and you need to be happy with that. Long winded explanations aren’t always necessary or even helpful. Practice being okay with saying less.

Practice being okay with saying less!. (Click to tweet)


9. Accept that wherever you go, there you are.

I’m bored and apathetic today. I probably won’t be tomorrow or maybe the day after that. I know my creative energy will come back. So I will let myself be how I am in this moment, knowing that this moment will pass. Fighting it won’t make it go away any quicker.

So there you go – seems like a non-post in actuality turns out to be an almost 700 word post. Hope it helps for what it’s worth – please let me know in the comments below! Important notice to bloggers – I like to share the love so don’t forget to sign in with Commentluv so you can display your own latest posts!)


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12 comments on “9 Simple Ways This Apology Will Help Your ADHD

  1. I can’t tell how freeing it is to see you admit that your just not up to it at the moment. It’s one of those things that no one says out loud. You know; fake it till ya make it! I don’t want to fake it! I want to be able to say honestly, “Actually, I’m just not into it right now.”. No fake smile plastered on my face, just honesty. Thank you for your honesty.

  2. Been in the lack of creativity hole for two months! I’m fine with it though as I am looking at life as a marathon not a sprint. When I want to write and am fired up it will flow… Of course can’t do the same teaching and coaching but at times the nonessential volunteering needs to rest a while.

    Good luck and thanks so much for being real!

    1. Hey Todd – Glad to “see” you again. The creativity hole is nightmare, but I love the idea of seeing it as a marathon rather than a sprint. Sometimes its even a relay race! I used to depend on hyperfocus for writing but the rest of life doesn’t really allow for it. Now I have to schedule in short bursts of creation before passing the baton to mundane busy work. At least until I find a suitable way to live without food or modern comforts, in squalor, un-bathed and without distraction. Until then, I run the relay 😉

      Hope all is well with you – school must be ++ busy this time of year!? How many seconds until Christmas???

  3. Thanks for being authentic about “not posting” today. I always think its better to tell it like it is than to make up a bunch of garbage just for the sake of it. Great post!

    1. Thanks Chris! I’ve certainly done my share of talking just for the sake of it, but am trying to be more “economical” with my words. Let’s just say, its a work in progress. Thanks for reading and sharing your comments.

  4. Great post. Love that you come right out with it. Sometimes I’m just not there, and that’s okay too. I’d be suspicious of someone who always was right on, especially the way we think! Love it, keep it up.

    1. Thanks Jumping – as always your comments are right on the mark. It’s hard to always be “on” and sometimes its better for everyone just to ‘fess up and say “I’m not on my game right now!” Thanks for stopping by again.

  5. Thanks for this post, A! I find myself in this same space more often than I care to admit. It is scary to feel like you aren’t measuring up to your own commitments. Truth is, it is usually only ourselves who are saying we aren’t measuring up! It was refreshing and liberating to have it separated out and explained how normal it is, and how to deal with it/make it work for us. All a part of embracing who we are!
    I hope all is well with your new place and job. Xo to all of you.

    1. Thanks A! If you are saying that it is usually all in our heads (not measuring up) – you are totally right! As is that thing that tells us we must persevere with all our commitments with 100% effort even when we have taken on more than is good for us. Sometimes, we have to own up and say “I can’t do x,y,z right now now – but I will get back to it”. Better yet, aim to under-promise and over-deliver. It comes with time. That being said – you have a monumental task of a post-a-day on your plate right now. How are you finding it?

      1. I love that concept of aiming to under-promise and over-deliver. I am realizing that to do a post-a-day does not quite fit with that concept. lol. I think I am pretty good at committing to a minimal amount of things because I know I get overwhelmed and then do none of it effectively. But I tend to hold myself to such high standards on what I do take on, such as the daily posting on my blog. And I am not content to ever post meaningless fluff, so I pour myself into every post. It can be hard and draining on one level, but I am truly enjoying on the level of growing and learning the craft. I hope that if it ever gets to be too much, I will have the sense to know it. 🙂
        I love your posts — they always challenge me. 🙂 xo

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