Meaning In the Moment

living in the moment

What if each moment of your life had meaning?

And everything that happened played an important part in the story of your life?

What if every detail, experience or event unfolding before your eyes – was just as momentous as the one before and the one yet to come?

What if everyone you met was an essential character in your story?

And every word exchanged between you was significant?

Then – as you took your dying breath – you realized that the value of the life you lived was tallied by all these things.

It wasn’t measured by the occasional breakthroughs and major achievements,

How far you got in your career or what you did for other people…

But by how well you lived each moment.

On the other hand…

What if, by chance, you discovered that none of these things were important?

All that really mattered was the big stuff?

All the details and events and exchanges with people were completely irrelevant.

And the significance of your life was condensed to the “big moments”.

How diminished would your life become?

Would you grieve for the smallness of it?

Now: Imagine one more thing…

That neither of these scenarios were truer than the other.

All you were left with was a choice between the two –

A life full of significance and meaning in every moment

Or a life full of white noise, punctuated by a few moments of epic importance –

Which one would you choose?

The truth is – the choice is already yours.



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