A Few Thoughts From Disney Land

I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse. Walt Disney

I write today from the happiest place on earth. My daughter likes to tell me that phrase rather annoys her. She says:

“How do they know for sure it’s the happiest place on earth? I mean, maybe our home is actually the happiest place on earth. They can’t tell us where the happiest place on earth is, that’s up to us to decide!”

I love my daughter.

But she does accept Disney Land is a pretty darn happy place, even if it’s not the happiest by everyone’s standards.

I was frankly a little worried about coming here. I get bombarded pretty easily, especially in big, noisy crowds.

To my surprise, I’ve coped pretty well. In fact, I’ve had a blast! Which led me to think about the man and the mouse who started it all.

You know, Mickey Mouse is also a slang term for something that is run in a small, amateurish, or trivial way. Yet when I look around me today, I see nothing small or trivial at all – from the awe-inspiring park rides, to the impeccable cast, right down to twinkle in every child’s eye who either meekly or boldly approaches their fictional heroes and heroines.

Whether you love theme parks or loathe them, there is no denying the magic all around us here. And you know what? The magic really has nothing to do with this place at all. It’s in the mindset of all these children and the adults who love them.

Here, nothing feels small, amateurish, or insignificant. Because this place was built on dreams, and dreams are not constrained by adjectives. It was built by a mouse, and if he can do big things, so can we.

In coming posts, I would like to celebrate the seemingly insignificant and trivial things in life, because I believe life is more about the so-called trivial moments than it is about monumental ones.

I would like to explore the wonders of pursuing what I call “good enoughness”, otherwise known as amateurism. Because we can’t achieve excellence in everything, and the truth is, most of us won’t achieve excellence at anything in our lives. But that’s okay, because as you’ll see…. amateurism is a lot more amazing than you’ve been led to believe.

But for now, I bid you adieu from the great DL, the second-happiest place on earth. My daughter and I have a date with a ride that goes way-too-fast and far-too-upside-down for my liking, but… I’m doing it anyway.

The fact that I’m smiling and having fun seems pretty unremarkable in a place like this, but privately- I know what a big deal it is to me!

Have an awesome day.