The Art of ADD: ADHD Coaching & Consults

“Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven’t half the strength you think they have.” Norman Vincent Peale

Adults with ADD/ADHD* certainly have more than their fair share of obstacles in life. But doesn’t have to be that way. You may not grow out of ADD, but you can find a way to make it work for you. In fact, for many, their ADD traits can be their biggest advantage when they take charge of them. That’s what I’ve learned to do, and I can teach you too.

ADHD Success Coaching

Why try ADHD Coaching?

Having ADHD means that you do things a little differently. Its not surprising, then, that you would want to change your life in a way that fits you naturally. Many ADDers are creative, dynamic individuals who long for the freedom to express their uniqueness, work in autonomy, and have the ability to do their own thing, in their own way.

In fact, having ADHD means that you probably bring some real assets and strengths to your work, business, or personal pursuits – skills that can excel you when used effectively to your advantage. Things like creativity, enthusiasm, ability to hyper-focus, and risk-tolerance… these are all skills that can move you forward, no matter what your goals are. But as we know, ADHD can bring a lot of challenges as well.


How ADHD Coaching Can Help:

Success Coaching for ADHD brings with it an element of care and attention to the unique brain wiring of the ADHD adult. I will help you understand your ADHD better, learn how to overcome its challenges, and discover the unique skills and strengths that enable you to thrive with it.

ADHD doesn’t have to hold you back. In fact, some of the most successful entertainers, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders in the world have it. But creating your own path to success will mean learning to work with your brain-wiring and do things the way you do them best, even if you do things a little differently.

Like sports coaching helps athletes get on top of their game, Success Coaching helps you get traction on your goals and move forward by:

  • helping you figure out what it is you really want
  • helping you strategize ways to achieve successes, overcome challenges and use your strengths & resources
  • providing you with support in taking actions on your goals

Within our partnership, I will help you:

  • challenge barriers
  • create a mindset for success
  • design structures and routines that will support your creativity and freedom
  • grow and develop your strengths
  • create accountability that moves you forward

In a nutshell: I help people unravel the mysteries of ADD so they can reach their full potential and get things done!


ADHD Consults

Not everyone is ready for coaching. Perhaps you have just one or two challenges you’d like to work on, you need helping coming up with a new strategy or routine, or you have questions about ADHD and ways to manage it. Or… you have a family member, friend, employee, or student with ADHD – and you would like to find a way to support them better. I also offer single session consultations to help you get a better grip on those challenges.


About Andrea Nordstrom 

If you are wondering what my qualifications are, the first one is pretty transparent – I have ADHD. I also have a few family members who are very likely on that spectrum. Apart from that, I have been a Mental Health Nurse for 22 years, working in various counseling and community settings. I completed post-graduate training in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) at the Royal Holloway University of London in 2005. I have also completed coach training through ADDCA, one of the leading training institutes specifically designed for ADHD coaching.



Like my approach to ADD? Think you might like to try coaching? Shoot me off an email and let’s chat about it. The only thing I love more than talking about ADHD (in case you didn’t notice) is listening to other people talk about their ADHD!

If you live in the North Okanagan (British Columbia, Canada), let’s meet up for a coffee, or join me at one of the monthly support groups I lead for adults with ADHD. Don’t live in British Columbia? Don’t worry about it, I do all my coaching over the phone anyway!

One last thing…

I happen to think that an ADD life can be brilliant when you allow yourself to shine, but can only do that when you find that light within you. So no matter what you do – always shine on, my friends!

x Andrea

*ADD and ADHD are the same thing. When we say someone has “ADD”, we mean that they have predominantly inattentive symptoms. When we say someone has ADHD, we mean that they also have noticeable hyperactivity. But you can use either term and it refers to the same condition.


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