Why the “Art” of ADD?


Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. Henry Ward Beecher


Let me first introduce myself. My name is Andrea and I am your personal trainer, your drill sergeant, your muse. I am also your biggest fan.

I am here to do one thing: inspire you with my mission. I want you to let go of all your negative perceptions of yourself and your ADD, and embrace an entirely different concept of who you are.

As a group, we tend to be highly creative, innovative, and adventurous. But many of us have been held back by our so-called deficits. We have ideas, but  do nothing with them. We have many projects on the go, but never complete them. We have talents, but don’t know how to apply them.

We have big dreams – of different businesses or careers, of lifestyle designs or adventures, of new innovations or creations – but we are distracted and so those things stay nothing more than dreams.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Why There is an Art to Living with ADHD

I believe that anything done well becomes an art in its own right. Michael Schumacher was an artist behind the wheel. Richard Branson is an artist of business and enterprise. Tim Ferriss is an artist of unconventional living.

There is certainly an art to living well. And likewise, there is an art of living well with ADHD. I believe that when we master the art of living with ADHD, we can get more from ourselves and apply our talents in ways we never knew possible.

I want you to become an artist of (and with) ADD.

I am not interested in prescribing methods of overcoming or managing your ADD so well that you become “normal”. Normal bores me, and let’s face it – no matter how hard you try, you will never be “neurotypical”.

You have ADD and you are going to rock it my friend. You have something valuable to offer this world, something that cannot be offered by anyone else. When you learn how to master the Art of ADD, you will find that achieving your goals and dreams is so much easier.

The Five Pillars of ADD Artistry

Creativity – Using your innate abilities in creativity, or developing the creativity you never knew you had (yes, we are all creative) will not only help you excel in your art or business/career, it will help you manage the challenges of life with ADHD better.

Focus – This skill, once developed, is the underpinning of all successful endeavors. Without focus, you chase your tail. With focus, you move forward. What’s more – you experience more of your life because you are actually present for it.

Productivity – It’s great to have ideas and goals, but not so great to do nothing with them. Learning to become more productive requires a unique understanding of ADHD. You won’t do things the way everybody else does them. You’ll do them your own way.

Growth – The point of life is to get better at whatever it is you are doing – whether you a professional, a creative, or a regular person. We can get better at living. We can get better at living with ADHD. Getting better is also how we succeed in life.

Mindset – You’ve more than likely had years of criticism and experience telling you how crap you are. A significant chunk of this psychological warfare has been in your own head, no doubt. It’s time to let it go. Don’t mistake art for perfection – even masterpieces have flaws. Your mindset is your single biggest asset when it comes to getting what you want out of life.

The Art of ADD can be applied to anyone who wants to live their life in their own way, one that is congruent with the way they are built, and in line with their values.

It’s about being you in this world, in your own artful way.

So if you want your life to be your greatest masterpiece, then hop on board! Join the discussion at the end of each post, and share your ideas and insights.

And remember to share this with those ADDers you think are awesome and remind them that their uniqueness is their art in this world!

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