Tom L, Social Work Student, British Columbia

Andrea has been an amazing support for me. She has given me the tools and space to not only accept my ADHD but find ways to incorporate it into my life as a positive and wonderful aspect of myself. She is a skilled life coach and expert on supporting those who struggle with their ADHD. There have been many occasions that we would work on things that seemed unrelated yet found in the end that there was a coping strategy available to me. In many of our sessions we have gone from working on an ADHD specific issue to a daily life and counselling issue without any hesitation. To me this is an invaluable ability.  As much as I am a person with ADHD I am also a person as well. Having someone who is able to work with me around my disability as well as being able to support me through some of the other thing I struggle with is important. There are also many times where I have discovered that some of the personal issues that seemed unrelated have had ties back to this disability. Andrea’s mastery of both personal counseling and ADHD coaching has allowed her to help me in a very proficient way through these struggles. All while helping me with coping strategies around daily life and school life. Andrea has allowed me to feel comfortable to accept that ADHD isn’t necessarily a bad thing and that I can be a valuable person and stronger for my uniqueness. Andrea is an incredibly talented ADHD and life coach. I highly recommend her as a person of distinction and aptitude.

Ian M, Senior Wealth Strategist, Texas

I always look forward to my conversations with Andrea. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder. Grateful to work with her!

Carmen W, Art Student, British Columbia

Andrea’s guidance has been critical in my learning how to function optimally with ADHD.  She has helped me through transitions I’ve had with work, life, and school, and prepared me to conquer future transitions independently and confidently.  The tools she has given me have completely changed my life. 

Melanie C, Teacher, California

Andrea helped validate my progress, and kept me on-course, especially with things that I was most likely to put off for later.  I highly recommend her for her compassion, enthusiasm, and deep listening.  

Mike M, Creative Entrepreneur, Alberta

What I like about the sessions I have with Andrea is that it never feels like a one-way conversation. It’s never just an expert giving advice; it’s two people sharing their experiences with ADD and we use our strengths and abilities to collaborate on whatever problem I’m trying to solve. I am always amazed at the confidence gained after our sessions, as we focus on my strengths and experiences, not on the disorder. Our sessions are filled with levity, honesty and our shared appreciation for the creative process. The Art of ADD is truly an appropriate moniker for Andrea’s coaching, and there is such a deep appreciation for what her coaching has done for me.

Shawn J, Musician, Alberta

With Andrea’s guidance I’ve been able to develop more self awareness and have learned the importance of regular reflection. I enjoyed our conversations and felt I could express myself in a natural way . I was able to create positive solutions in my life and improve upon them weekly in our sessions. What was scattered inspiration is now a steady trajectory to achieving my goals. Thank you Andrea.